Dear Applicant,
You may be interested in a good income along with supporters and funds relying on the experience, knowledge and skills in your business. You may also be looking for Startups, companies or factories that are engaged with financing. If yes, here is the right page!
Today, the importance of cyberspace in development of market shares is clear to every business in our country. Thousands of pages in this space and many Telegram channels proves this fact.
Target of every business is to expand sales and interest.
The question is, by creating a website for a business in the smallest size, are we going to be seen by users in the Internet?
As an Internet user who notices web traffic, you know much better than every one that is not going to happen. A website owner has to spend heavy sums on SEO to make his/her website to be shown on the first line at first page of search engines.
Even spending sums of money cannot assure it because there are always other people who can pay more than you did and this place is not safe.
So what is the solution!?
By institution of Najm Asia & Najm Energy, “Iran CIP” created to sell services through WEB for the first time in Iran.  
We created a special chance on the unique “Finance Portal” : which is able to build o booth in an online exhibition in WEB for every business as an finance applicant or as a financing company like banks, and it is in exchange for low cost tariffs for membership.
By the end of subscription period applicant won’t be able to edit the page any more but the significant point is remaining the page with previous contents on Portal.
Every subscriber holds an individual address like (
Which operates like an exclusive website that makes the applicant able to share a whole range of different information in this private page.
Applicant is also able to show a link to his/her exclusive website. This can activate other users to the website.
Special membership fee for is far lower than building a dedicated website and more importantly, the owner won’t have to worry about technical matters.
Subscribers data will be presented in Iran’s largest web directory to be simply in the communicate of funders around the world.
Role of representative:
In any city of the country with o office or capital investment can be a modifier to explain the economic justification for economic actors for this membership.
Terms of representation:
*minimum age 18 years
*Knowledge of E-commerce, Web and online sell good enough to introduce to potential applicants.
Kindly consider the main role of Finance Portal and its representatives which is to show its efficiency for new member. It is Important for us to cover received fee many times more with profit of finance services.
Membership Fee:
Only for applicants who will pay their membership cost by the end of 1395 it is going to be 5,000,000 T and for financers or finance seekers it will be 800,000T.
Share of representative:


cost table